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    Explore the vast ocean of IDOAG flooded with 'offers' and 'opportunities', where the trio of IDOAG, Brands and Colleges works efficiently to cater to the needs of the students. From pin to plane, everything made easy and provided under one gamp and no more hustling required on the internet. From offers on the bestest brands to opportunities, all this is just a click away. 

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    IDOAG gets you in your bucket list the most liked and wanted brands; be it a national brand or an international one, they are all in your reach just a button away..

  • Campus Connect

    IDOAG, attracting the best has collaborated with the Top notch colleges of the country and added quality to it's work. We help Colleges strengthen the student experience at all levels, be a catalyst in supporting various events and provide multiple avenues for branding and promotions at every juncture. . 

  • How to activate your IDOAG card

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Top Notch Brands from all around the globe are looking for a way to capture imagination. IDOAG provides the perfect platform for brands to connect with these young adults in a personalized manner


Connect with your Students

IDOAG Provides you the ideal platform for institutions to connect with their students at the touch of button. Your personalized page gives you the ability connect and communicate with all Students and Brands at the same time.

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