Believe in yourself

Nothing is impossible in this world. if we redirect our energies, believes in the right direction. but most of the time we are in the habit of counting on others or we have a mindset that others can do a particular task better than you. That’s where we lack belief in ourselves. 1)FOLLOW YOUR HEART:

College Life

Life of a University Student

Have you ever wonder what your life in the university would be? Well almost everyone if not all, have wondered and are still wondering what it would be like. As an international student the struggles you encounter are way more than a national student or if you are from within the neighboring countries. The problem

College Life

What to do in holidays?

Exams season is over and it’s been long since our holidays started. During college term offs, we get surplus holidays actually more than that. It’s the time I feel where we are over with our To Do lists, meeting up plans, trips with our family. Most of us might be spending these days lazily. Our

Chose the road less traveled

I Chose The Road Less Traveled

No way in this world is easy; all that makes a difference is our passion and hard work. Similar was the story with Sanya. She was more than an average girl, sincere towards studies, all assignments completions on time, not even a single complaint from teachers. Parents were satisfied their girl is doing well! It seems


Things one should know before entering college

We have always been quite keen on entering college life. Why shouldn’t we! It’s the most awaited and exciting period of one’s life. We are most probable for getting an exposure to a mini world called ‘College’. When you enter college things change. You are not in any fully disciplined environment. You have no fear

Chalk drawing - Do it now

Hard work before hand

A boy ran up the stairs in a haphazard manner and raced through the corridor avoiding collisions, stopping only at the door on the far right. The door opened and he jumped in almost instantly. To normal people, this isn’t a normal scene. But to the hostlers, they just know it happens. Welcome to the


The world is waiting

The telephone bell rang. The receiver was vibrating and so was Atul’s heart. His father looked at him, then picked up the receiver and moved to the other room to talk. Such tense situations over a phone call, seems like a ransom scenario, right ? Not really. This is what happens when your relatives call